The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.

Photo Stories



This year will consist of four photo contests!
Take part in the second Photo Stories Contest April 1 – June 30, 2019, and compete for the Grand Prize of $1,000 and for the nominations “Best Photography”, “Best Plot”, “Best Direction”, and “Users’ Choice”!

grand prize


Best photography

Best photography


Best Direction

Best Direction





Users’ Choice

Users’ Choice


Additional nomination Documentary Photo Story with the prize of $200

Join the Photo Stories Contest with the overall prize fund of more than $3,000

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All the outstanding stories selected by the Jury can be monetized within our platform. Those stories will be published on the paid Premium Channel and their authors will benefit from the views of channel subscribers. Thus, photographers who produce high-quality content will get passive income.

Winners of the previous contest

Grand Prize


The Night Before

By Stephan Partipilo

Best Photography



By Sergey Spirin

Best Direction


Surr. Prise.

By Valeriia Vava

Best Plot


The Scarecrow who had a Heart

By Stephane Fedorowsky

Users Choice


Earth: Reloaded

By Alexand Suhoveev

Key points


Click on the button JOIN THE CONTEST on this page and upload your Photo Story!

Photo Story — a photo series which represents a plot. A minimum length of a serie is 10 photos, the recommended length is 30-60 photos;
Cinematic Story — a photo series and slideshow in a video format which represents the same story in two modes: jpg and mp4.


The winner of the Grand Prize and the winners of the nominations for Best Photography, Best Plot, Best Direction will be chosen by the competent Jury.


The winner in the nomination of Users’ Choice will be chosen according to the largest number of votes.


The deadline for submission of works is June 30! The winners will be announced on July 15.


After the end of the contest, all the Photo Stories selected by the moderator will be included on the public channels:
Premium Cine-Stories — with pay-per-view
Free Cine-Stories — with free viewing.


By adding the Photo Story to the Premium Cine-Stories, authors will benefit from the views of channel subscribers.

Attention: The winner of the Grand Prize will be chosen from Photo Stories submitted to Premium Cine-Stories channel on the condition of exclusive publishing! All the Photo Stories from the Premium Cine-Stories channel should be published exclusively and should be removed from other sources! On other sources, only fragments selected as screenshots and covers can be published with a link for the full version on


All the Photo Stories from Free Cine-Stories channel are distributed for free and do not need exclusive publishing. Photo Stories which will not be included to public channels will be available on the personal channels of the contestants. Those Photo Stories can be distributed both pay-per-view and for free.


Non-fiction Photo Stories will be redirected to the Documentary Contest while undergoing the moderation. The prize for the best Documentary Story is $200.


The CINE-BOOKS Platform is holding to hold four photo contests this year. January 1 — March 31; April 1 — June 30; July 1 — September 30; October 1 — December 31.


Photo Story

  • This is a series of photos which represents a plot – the next generation’s comics!
  • There is one slideshow mode.
  • The required length should be more than 10 frames! The recommended length of a photo story is 30-70 frames.
  • The plot is built according to the rules of dramaturgy: the setup – the opposition – the conflict – the climax – the resolution.
  • Adding text (subtitles) is allowed only in English, and in the form of short dialogues or remarks. The text can be added in the Cine-Books editor.


Proportions: 16:9

Orientation: landscape

Size: at least 2000 px on the short side

Color profile: sRGB

File format: JPG

Cinematic Story

  • This is a short film at a lower cost spent on production and postproduction which is made of photos that may also contain video files.
  • This is a story in two modes: slideshow and video.
  • The viewer can choose one of the modes, that is why photo and video versions should be completed and correlate to each other. The requirements for the plot of a Cinematic Story are the same as for a Photo Story.
  • All video effects can be used within the video file.
  • The video should contain a soundtrack or voiceover.


Proportions: 16:9

Orientation: landscape

Size: more than HD 1920х1080

Sound: stereo

File format: MP4

Join now the Photo Stories Contest

How to create a story?

The main thing that distinguishes a Photo Story from a simple photo shoot is the plot. The plot is a sequence of events, interactions of the heroes, in which their characters are shown, and therefore revealing the idea of the story.

Read more

How to upload a story?

Click “UPLOAD A STORY” to go to the Downloader. The loader consists of 6 consecutive steps. Step 1: Write the Title of the story, select the “Genre”, and add a “Description” of the story…

Read more


If you want to prepare for the shooting of a Photo Story, the best thing is to make a storyboard. A storyboard is something which will help all the members of the crew get ready for the shooting and spend time in the most efficient way!

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The Grand Prize can be yours!

General criteria for evaluation

Originality and consistency of the plot

Directing skills and acting

Artistic qualities of the visual series

Post-production quality

Quality soundtrack (for the Cinematic Story)

The Grand Prize is for fiction story only

Descriptions of the nominations

  • Grand Prize

    The best work according to the Jury’s choice.

  • Best Photography

    Artistic and imaginative visual embodiment.

  • Best Direction

    Professional staging and representation of acting within static frames.

  • Best Plot

    An original, consistent plot built according to the rules of dramaturgy.

  • Users’ Choice

    The best work according to the users voting.


Last updated: January 15, 2019.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

The age of the participants is not limited. The works of participants who have not reached legal majority age (state how old, if variable, remove) are accepted for the competition with the consent of the parents or guardians.

The subjects of the works are not limited. The content of 18+ is allowed without showing the genitals.

The author of the story guarantees that the publication of his/her work does not violate the copyright of third parties (scriptwriter, actors, and other project participants). The contest organizer is not responsible for copyright infringement by the author of the story but undertakes to remove the work from the Contest Channel in case of a third-party complaint about a violation of their copyright.

The contest organizers reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms by posting updates and changes to our Contests. All the changes enter into force after the publication on this page. Further participation in the contest confirms your agreement with the published changes.

The number of entries from one participant is not limited. Each work can be entered in the contest only once.


Grand Prize


Breaking News

By Mahdi Amiri

Cinematic Story


With love august

By Lisa Lyashenko

Photo Story without text


Flower of hope

By Valerie Sagura & Andrey Shurpin

Photo Story with text


Luna, you want to be mother

By Ivonne Garcia

Documentary Photo Story


I am Rohingya

By Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

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