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What are CINE-BOOKS?
Technically, cine-books are enhanced e-books that combine the best of books and movies. We take the full original content of a book and bring it to cinematic life. As a result, you can read them as fully illustrated e-books, listen to them as audio books, or watch in movie mode with video, special effects, and professional voices acting like in a real film.
Where can I get CINE-BOOKS?
You can purchase the products via our website store or via in-app purchases in the Apps for the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc.).


CINE-BOOKS purchased through our website shall be multiplatform and be accessible from all supported devices via your personal CINE-BOOKS Account. Books bought as in-app purchases are available for 1 particular platform only that you used for purchase.
How much does cine-books cost?
The CINE-BOOKS App is free to download. The basic price for cine-books is not much higher than general e-books have. Even more, cine-books is a 3 in 1 product. You will get a high quality illustrated e-book, audio book, and a cine-book itself. Of course, we often launch special offers. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social networks to get information about discounts.
On what platforms can I read cine-books?
To read, listen to or even watch cine-books, you need to download the CINE-BOOKS Viewer for free for iOS, Android or Kindle (PC and SmartTV support coming soon).
How can I pay for my CINE-BOOK?
For now, you can only pay via your PayPal account. More methods will be added in the future. You can also buy them via in-app purchases in our CINE-BOOKS mobile apps. But in this case, books will be available for 1 particular platform only that you used for purchase.
How to connect in-app purchases to CINE-BOOKS Account?
You will get a special pop-up with an offer to link your in-app after each in-app purchase if you are logged in to your CINE-BOOKS account. After that, you will be able to sync in-app purchases made for a certain platform using your CINE-BOOKS account and see them on the site in the “My Library” section.


Each cine-book purchased via in-app purchases can be connected to only one CINE-BOOKS account only.
May I read products on different devices?
Due to security reasons, you can use your CINE-BOOKS account to synchronize cine-books on 5 devices. The company may, at its sole discretion, limit the number of devices on which you can use your personal CINE-BOOKS account irrespective of the number of devices on which the account shall be permitted for use under the terms of third-party platforms.
Can I have several accounts on one device?
The CINE-BOOKS App allows you to create an unlimited number of individual profiles on one device. Keep in mind that you also need to use several e-mail addresses for it. So, family members can share a tablet and still keep personalized content: purchased books and individual settings like, picture size, bookmarks and so on.

Some books could contain adult themes, explicit or scary scenes that may frighten or confuse your child (such as horror or romantic scenes). Creating a personal profile for your children allows you to control your child’s access to your books and personal content.
In how many languages are CINE-BOOKS available?
CINE-BOOKS are launched worldwide in English. We plan to add more localizations in the future.
What kind of stories do you have?
We currently offer exciting stories in a variety of genres such as horror, fantasy, romance, stories for kids, and we plan to add even more!
I am interested in collaboration with CINE-BOOKS. How can I do that?
You may find all the necessary information at our B2B-page.
Where can I find more stuff about CINE-BOOKS?
We are presented on various social platforms. Join us, follow, and subscribe to any of them:

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