How to upload a Photo Story (cover)

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How to upload a Photo Story

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How to upload a Photo Story

A registration window will open. You can sign up through Google, Facebook, or an e-mail account.

After registration, fill in your details: “Name”, “Last name”. In the “Your role” section, select “Photographer”.

After this, the “WELCOME” window will open. Click “UPLOAD A STORY” to go to the Downloader.

The loader consists of 6 consecutive steps.

Step 1: Write the Title of the story, select the “Genre”, and add a “Description” of the story. These are required items. You can also specify the author of the screenplay of the story.

Step 2: The story you upload to the contest will be automatically added to the Contest Channel and must also be added to your personal channel. Therefore, in this step, select a personal channel to add a story to it. Here, choose the distribution model of the story: free of charge, fixed price (specify the price), or by subscription. Here, you can agree to add the story to the public channel on the platform where more users will see it.

Step 3: Add promotional materials: a cover (3 options for displaying on different devices), a banner (it will be displayed as a cover in the viewer), screenshots (up to 7 reference frames of the story). Image format *jpg.

Here, you can use cropping to frame the images for the desired format. If you do not use cropping, the images will be automatically stretched to 16:9.

If you skip this download step, the story page will be generated with empty blocks!

Step 4: Upload all frames of the story. Here, you can change the frame order.

Step 5: Add subtitles for each frame, if your story includes text. Use cropping to resize the frames.

If your story is without text and images in the correct 16x9 format, then skip this step.

If the images are in a different format and you skip this step, the frames will be stretched to 16:9.

Step 6: Add only the video file if your story type is Cinematic Story. Add an audio file only if your type of story is a Photo-Illustrated Book. Skip this step if your type of story is a Photo Story.


Your story is being generated! Usually this process takes anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. You are automatically redirected to the story page.

After the generation is complete, the “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW” button is activated. Click it to send the story to moderation.

After moderation, the story will be published on the platform in the personal channel you specified and on the Contest Channel!

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