The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.


If you are a screenwriter or an agent, you can submit your script on our platform and be visualized in the innovative Cine-Story format, as well as in traditional filming formats (feature films, TV and web series, shorts, etc). Moreover, Cine-Stories are an alternative method of filming your story because they are an easier and more budget-friendly way to produce by Content Producers, so you can be noticed by industry experts, sell more screenplays, and see your stories on the screen. It’s a shorter way to glory!

How it works

Upload your script overview

Be selected by а Content Producer

Get money and fame

Be visualized

Opportunities for Screenwriters:


Sell more scripts using B2B marketplace opportunities.


The Cine-Stories production cycle is the fastest way to implement your screenplay into a real product.


This is your chance to get into the hands of a wide range of content producers: photographers, CG & multimedia studios, Indie filmmakers.


The new types of digital products (photo story, cinematic story) reduce production costs and increase your chance to be produced.


Being seen by entertainment and media industry professionals looking for new materials.


Do you already have a screenplay for a feature film, short film, or web series? Or do you have an idea for visualizing it? Is the only constraint getting it into the hands of the right producer? Good news! There are two innovative visual storytelling formats on the Cine-Books B2B Platform that allow you to get your stories filmed easily.

The best-suited genres for cine-stories are thrillers, horror, romance, and mystery that are focused on the young adult (YA) audience. Your story must be unpredictable and out of the ordinary. The size of the story is unlimited (will be published as a web series and split into episodes). For newbie screenwriters, a short story has more chances to be visualized.

Here is an example of a short cine-story screenplay

Photo Story

A story that you can READ as a sequence of photos, with or without text and dialogue, that forms a certain storyline. Actually, it is next-gen photorealistic comics. At the same time, it is the most budget friendly for production and therefore has greatest chance of being produced.

Discover a photo-story example.

Photo Story

Cinematic Story

A story that you can READ and WATCH as a photo-realistic motion slideshow with animations, video inserts, and video special effects as well as voice-over, sound, and music.
The main difference from a photo story is using the video mode to view the content.

Discover a cinematic story example.

Cinematic Story


The stories could be published as a photo story or cinematic story based on one of the cooperation models:



Marketplace &




This model assumes that you just place your script on a public Marketplace on the platform for selection by potential Content Producers

This model assumes that you place your story on a public Marketplace and launch a voting campaign to get a better position on a Marketplace and show the interest of your audience to potential producers and investors.

The model assumes that your script is selected and produced by the CINE-BOOKS company and is based on internal criteria

This model is a custom production service based on the evaluated budget estimation of the screenwriter’s request

Who selects the title to be published?

Content Producers and/or Investors

Content Producers and/or Investors

CINE-BOOKS Production Studio Team


Selection criteria*

Decision of Content Producers and/or Investors

Number of votes and screenwriter’s online publicity and social media activity

Screenwriter’s produced scripts success, industry experts reviews, the Cine-Books team opinion, internal criteria, etc.

There are no criteria except the plot of the script:
we do not shoot stories with pornographic scenes and/or brutal murders

Production budget

Provided by
Investors and/or Content Producer

Provided by
Investors and/or Content Producer

Provided by
CINE-BOOKS company

Provided by

Rights holder’s royalty

Fixed award or 15% of net receipts

Fixed award or 15% of net receipts

Fixed award or 15% of net receipts

85% of the Producer's net receipts if projects are self-funded and ready for distribution

*Only English language fiction titles are accepted

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