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Read - Listen - WatchGreatest stories of all times in the first fully-visualized format of cine-books based on the original text!

Read - WatchA collection of the best photo comics by professional photographers and video makers.

ListenBest selection of world literature read by innovative AI.

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What are the CINE-BOOKS & CINE-STORIES formats

This is the new storytelling content - visualized books or stories that you can read with illustrations on each page, listen to, or watch as a video!


based on books plot

Photo-illustrated Book

Read, Listen, Watch

Ebook with photo-illustrations on each page!

Cinematic Book

Read, Listen, Watch

Motion e-book with photo-illustrations on each page, animations, and video special effects!


based on screenplays

Photo Story


Next-generation photorealistic graphic novels!

Cinematic Story

Read, Watch

Photorealistic graphic novel with animations, video inserts and video special effects.

Learn more about cine-book format and format advantages.

Original production

Cine-Books team reveals the world bestsellers’ original content within our unique format to change the way people interact with their favorite books forever and demonstrate community of creators the ability of our unique technology!

Our production team has already produced 12 books in their full, original content. All the cine-books have been shot by the professional crew.

The group of specialists is involved in creating an outstanding product by developing the sketches of characters, makeup, costumes, modeling 3D locations etc.

Books have never been so alive!

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The Gift of the Magi (by O.Henry)
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The Gift of the Magi by O.Henry
Hypnos (by H.P.Lovecraft)
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It's already yours

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The Brave Little Tailor (by the Brothers Grimm)
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The Brave Little Tailor by the Brothers Grimm
To Build a Fire (by J.London)
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To Build a Fire
The Spider (by Hanns Heinz Ewers)
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The Spider
The Tell-Tale Heart (by Edgar Allan Poe)

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The Tell-Tale Heart
The Man Who Could Work Miracles (by H.G. Wells)
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A classic horror that teaches you to not mess with magic by

Upcoming cine-books:

Our team is now working on filming several other great, world-famous stories:

  • Romeo and Juliet

    W. Shakespeare

    Romeo and Juliet Pre-Order
    Production 80%
  • Personal Drama Story


    Personal Drama Story Pre-Order
    Production 97%
  • Drive


    Drive Pre-Order
    Production 80%
  • Adam's Diary

    Mark Twain

    Adam's Diary Production
    Production 89%
  • Eve's Diary

    Mark Twain

    Eve's Diary Production
    Production 91%


The CINE-BOOKS platform allows creative people to:

great stories and monetize their talent!



Users select stories that are worth being filmed and enjoyed within unique content


Book writers, screenwriters, and other literary right holders provide great stories for filming


Visual content producers (photographers, videographers, filmmakers, CG & multimedia studios etc.) produce content based on users’ selection or can submit their own content


Investors support projects with guaranteed success only based on users’ selection, producers’ bids, and the portfolio

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