The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.

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of the CINE-BOOKS Platform

As opposed to various platforms and video hostings, CINE-BOOKS Platform gives content producers an opportunity to sell their content by item or by subscription. There are three options for distributing content within the Platform:

  • Sell by item (sell your stories at a set price on your own channel), TVOD model
  • Personal channel subscription, SVOD model
  • Premium subscription (Include your content into the Premium Subscription package of the Platform)


of the CINE-BOOKS Platform


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Alternative formats for filmmakers

There are two innovative visual storytelling formats on the Cine-Books B2B Platform that allow content producers to get their stories filmed easily! The best-suited genres for cine-stories are thrillers, horror, romance, and mystery which are focused on the young adult (YA) audience. Your story must be unpredictable and out of the ordinary. The size of the story is unlimited (will be published as a web series and split into episodes).

Photo Story, fotonovela, fotoromanzo, roman-photo – the idea of telling stories through photos occurred to many photographers from different countries, from different time frames and they were using different terms for it. In 1962, a 28-minute black&white science fiction film named “La Jetée” was released by French director Chris Marker, cinematized as a photo novel.

Nowadays, the idea of revealing the story within photos is a good alternative for students of photo schools, beginner filmmakers, or creators who are seeking new formats to prove their professional skills.

Photo Story

A story that you can watch as a sequence of photos, with or without text and dialogues, that forms a storyline.

Cinematic Story

A story that you can watch as a photo-realistic motion slideshow with animations, video inserts, and video special effects as well as voice-over, sound, and music.
The main difference from a Photo Story is using the video mode to view the content.

Join the new media storytelling platform!

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