The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.

Film Distrtibution

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Some of the Platforms

  • You upload your film by yourself.
  • You own your content.
  • Sometimes you have to pay for hosting.
  • No opportunity to embed your content within your personal source.
  • No opportunity to create your own channel.
  • No opportunity to set a paid subscription for your channel.
  • Very often you are not able to set the flexible price for watching your film.
  • You are a separate content creator without a creative community.
  • No support.


  • You upload your film by yourself.
  • You own your content.
  • Free hosting.
  • You can embed your film within your own website or blog.
  • You can create your own channel.
  • You can set the price for the monthly subscription for your channel.
  • You always set prices for each of your films by yourself.
  • You become a member of the platform and marketplace where you can easily find screenwriters, photographers, and even investors!
  • High-quality support.

Revenue-share model


How it works?

upload your film

choose the distribution model

get your income

HOW do I start?

  • Register on the Platform choosing the role "Filmmaker" to become a member of the Cine-Books creative community!
  • Create your own branded channel and choose the most convenient type of monetization.
  • Upload your first work to start getting income and keep attracting viewers with the new content!
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Get an oppotunity to be selected for the Premium channel
  • CINE-BOOKS invites filmmakers, content producers, film distribution companies, photographers, videographers, CG & multimedia companies to join the audio-visual storytelling Platform and become a part of our creative community! Show your short films to the storytelling fans, extend your audience, and get your income.

  • CINE-BOOKS Platform is a multi-storytelling source that distributes various types of content (short films, photo romans, audiobooks, brand new formats-cine-books and cine-stories). The platform has both free and pay-for-view channels for each type of content. Besides this, there are lots of advantages for content producers that make distributing easier and beneficial. Distribute your films worldwide without any front payment! Discover the opportunity to create your own channel, set the subscription price, and distribute your films. Filmmakers are free to choose what distribution model they want to use and set all the prices for their content by themselves.

  • Distributing short films within the CINE-BOOKS storytelling platform means extending the audience from simple film lovers to the wider audience of those who love great stories. Filmmakers can also take advantage of choosing the ready screenplay from the Marketplace section, find producers or investors for future projects. Filmmakers receive from 70 up to 85% of royalties that depends on an exclusive or non-exclusive distribution model. In case the uploaded content is highly estimated by the board of moderators, your short film can be also selected for the Premium package of the Platform.

Filmmaker receives from 70% up to 85% of royalties that depends on exclusive or non-exclusive distribution model

70% 85%

In case the uploaded content is highly estimated by the board of moderators, your short film can be also selected for the Premium package of the Platform.

It is easy to get started—all you need is register and upload your short film. There is an opportunity to select your role while registering, set your price, choose between TVOD, SVOD distribution, and manage your own channel. To make sure all the users won’t face any difficulties while registration or uploading, we provide high-quality support through live chat on the website or within an email.

Don’t waste your time and explore new opportunities for your film!

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