The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.

Take the First Step Towards the Big Screen

CINE-BOOKS Publishing produces high-quality cine-books in every genre. Therefore, if you would like to expand the range of digital products, attract new audiences from visually-perceiving people, and take first step for your books towards the big screen - publish with us in the unique cine-book format!

Enhanced eBook vs. Cine-book

A cine-book is not an enhanced eBook format. The visual content is not an insertion like in an enhanced eBook, but a key element of storytelling. The cine-book is an entirely unique format that combines: the original text of the book, photo realistic illustrations, audio narration, music, sound, video, and 3D special effects created exclusively for each particular title. All the materials and features in a cine-book are synchronized, and the content immerses the consumer into the plot without any distraction. The final product looks elegant, entertaining, and easy to use.

Publishing Services

We provide all the services to help authors, publishers, and other literary rights holders publish their books in the cine-book format from creating the photo realistic illustrations, audio, video, and sound effects to converting the files to a 3-in-1 product that readers can READ, LISTEN to, and WATCH.

Cine-books publishing services include:

  • Creating photo realistic illustrations, adding 3D and VFX effects;
  • Audio book recording, adding music and sound effects;
  • Cinematic book cover design;
  • Cinematic book trailer creation;
  • Cine-book conversion, hosting and streaming services;
  • Distribution via CINE-BOOKS mobile apps (tablets, smartphones) and a web viewer;
  • Promotion and marketing.

Cine-books Publishing Products

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Cine-book spin-off story - a new story of up to 3,500 words related to a bestselling title or upcoming book from the series

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Cine-book short story/ novella - a bestselling story or an upcoming title from a bestselling series up to 40,000 words

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Cine-book novel - a bestselling book or an upcoming title from a bestselling series up to over 40,000 words

Publishing Rights and Cooperation Models

We identify the cine-book format as an independent digital book format, which is far beyond a simple eBook, but not yet a movie. The literary rights holder who submits the project for cine-book publishing shall guarantee the availability of the eBook, audio recording, motion picture, and the English language rights worldwide limited to a cine-book edition. There are several cooperation models for publishing a cine-book edition.

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Publishing a book in the cine-book format could be the first step towards a successful big-screen movie adaptation!

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