The admission of competition works is finished, the winners will be announced on 8th of January the 2019 year.
Приём конкурсных работ окончен. Победители будут оглашены 8 января 2019 года.

Royalties & Fees


Submitting books is free of charge. There are no fixed or recurring fees. We only earn when you earn, using the revenue share model.

(for production and distribution option)

If you are a Literary Rights Holder who orders custom production, you will receive 90% of the net receipts from all distribution channels. Learn more about the distribution conditions in our Distribution Agreement

Products Produced Outside the Platform
(for self-publishing and distribution options)

The revenue share structure for products that are ready for distribution and produced outside the platform depends on the selected distribution model. As the holder of distribution rights for pre-produced content, you can choose from two distribution models:

revenue share model exclusive

1.Exclusive Distribution Option:
If you choose the exclusive distribution option, you will receive higher royalties. However, the story must be removed from other sources. Only selected fragments in the form of screenshots may be published elsewhere.

revenue share model non-exclusive

2. Non-Exclusive Distribution Option:
If you choose the non-exclusive distribution option, your story can be distributed through any channel.


Business model Description Royalties
Digital Purchase

(in *Personal and **Premium channels)
Purchase of a license to access digital copies of a Product for electronic delivery and repeated viewing over an indefinite period of time. Right Holder will receive a certain percentage of the net revenue from sales of Products through the Platform in accordance with the revenue-share structure. [Learn more about the revenue-share structure on this page.]
Free Access streaming or downloading or any other form of access permanently or temporarily viewable Products without any required fee. Content is distributed completely free of charge. No income is accrued to anyone.

* Personal channels include products owned and promoted by one Rights Holder, who owns the channel.

** Premium channels include the best products owned by different Rights Holders and are promoted by CINE-BOOKS on the platform.

All payments to the users are calculated from the Net Receipts after all transaction costs.

Net Receipts shall be comprised of Gross Receipts less Transaction Costs.

Gross Receipts shall be comprised of amounts actually collected and paid to the Platform from end user sales price.

Transaction Costs means all costs associated with Gross Receipts, including but not limited to:

  • credit card, mobile carrier billing and other transactional fees;
  • fees payable to Platform Distribution Partners; and
  • applicable taxes, including cross-border fees.

Payments are calculated at the withdrawal request for those contributors who meet their minimum payout amount. The minimum payout amount is $100.

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