Feb 14, 2020
Top Love Stories  (cover)

Love... Such a short word used for so many senses, the most valuable and true feeling, the best prize one can ever get. This day reminds us how important it is to share the warmth from your heart, so that no one feels lonely!

CINE-BOOKS has prepared top love stories that will become an unusual Valentine's gift!

  • "The Gift of the Magi" - an immortal story of love sacrifice that will definitely touch everybody's soul.
  • "Adam's Diary" - a hilarious story of the first relationship between the first man and woman on Earth.
  • "Who am I" - an extraordinary YA story of a complicated love story of a shape-shifter Celina.
  • "The Scarecrow who had a Heart" - a touching fairytale that proves the real power of love.
  • "Waiting for a Train" - It's love at first sight for two young adults who must learn quickly how to deal with a health challenge.
  • "Origami" - a short film about a boy who tries to save his parents marriage by leading them on a treasure hunt of all the places where they fell in love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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