Interview with Alexandra Balda (cover)

Exclusive interview with a director Alexandra Balda about her multi-award winner short films "DOOR TO PURGATORY" and "OBSCURED REFLECTION", that are now published on the Platform.

I am an actress-turned- director. I debuted as screenwriter, director and producer with “Door to Purgatory”. I always liked the idea of eventually getting to be a filmmaker of some sort. Debuting as a director and producer gave me an enormous amount of creative freedom in casting and developing the story.

Interview with Alexandra Balda

Feb 14, 2020

Top Love Stories

Top Love Stories  (cover)

Love... Such a short word used for so many senses, the most valuable and true feeling, the best prize one can ever get. St. Valentine's Day reminds us how important it is to share the warmth from your heart, so that no one feels lonely!


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