Meet the winners of the Photo Stories Contest  (cover)

Meet the winners of the Photo Stories Contest! 

  • The Grand Prize “Into the Mirror” by Alexandr Suhoveev

  • The Best Photography “Salty Drop in Sweet Ocean” by Peter Lengyel

  • The Best Direction “Premonition” by Valery Serduk

  • The Best Plot “A Story in Ten Days” by Peter Zachwieja

  • The Users’ Choice “One person’s life” by Raul Geydarov

    • The Best Documentary Photo Story  "Annu - the untold story" by Ankita Dahake

    We are grateful to all the participants for joining our contest and producing a great variety of outstanding Photo Stories. Thank you to all the viewers who were voting and supporting the competitors throughout the contest. All the works of the winners are available for viewing here: https://cine-books.com/channels/premium-cine-stories

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