Meet the winners of the Photo Stories Contest  (cover)

Meet the winners of the Photo Stories Contest! 

We are grateful to all the participants for joining our contest and producing a great variety of outstanding Photo Stories. Thank you to all the viewers who were voting and supporting the competitors throughout the contest.

Interview with Raul Geydarov (cover)

Interview with Raul Geydarov, the author of the Story Winner in the nomination "Users' Choice".

First of all, how did you decide to become a filmmaker? What did you start with? What are you up to now? 

I became a director by chance. Once I together with my friends were celebrating a holiday and decided to make a film. Just for fun. It was very funny. We did not manage to shoot a film but my friends advice me to go study to become a director. I thought it is a good idea. And now I am studying on the second course in RSUC.



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