CINE-BOOKS iPhone App is launched! (cover)

Great news!

Check out the revolutionary reading mobile app that offers a completely new kind of storytelling entertainment for the whole family. It combines the advantages of both books and movies!

Cine-books are a new kind of animated books, highly visualized with the closest attention to details. You may read them as fully illustrated ebooks, listen to as audio-books or watch like movies with dynamic animations and special effects on your iPad.

A professional crew of directors, photographers, actors, costume designers, narrators and sound engineers bring the world’s greatest stories to cinematic life.

CINE-BOOKS iPhone app allows to:

  • READ, LISTEN and WATCH books in a new and exciting format.

  • Sync your purchases across all platforms.

  • Seamlessly switch between reading, listening and watching modes right where you left it.

  • Discover stories by the world's greatest writers without missing a word from the original.

  • Get your kids engaged in literature and reading from a young age.

Download CINE-BOOKS iPhone App to enjoy books in a new dimension. Books have never been so alive!

Visit cine-books.com to learn more about our innovative approach to book-reading.

Enjoy! READ, LISTEN or even WATCH books like movies :)

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