Dec 25, 2016
5 Christmas Facts that you may not know (cover)

Christmas is one of the most famous world Holidays. We celebrate it every year and it seems that we know everything about it. But there are some cool facts that you probably missed. Here they are!

  1. Each year, more than 100 millions of live Christmas trees are sold all over the world. Among them 50 million in Europe and 30-35 million in the United States. Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold.

  2. One of the most famous Christmas stories “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry was initially published on December 10, 1905. The story has been adapted to movies more 10 times, mentioned in songs and animated films and finally came to cine-book format this year!

  3. There is no mention of 25th of December as a Birthday of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. This date was set as a Christmas only in the 3d century.

  4. Rudolph, “the most famous reindeer of all,” was the product of Robert L. May’s imagination in 1939. The copywriter wrote a poem about the reindeer to help lure customers into the Montgomery Ward department store

  5. Saint Nicolas is the person who formed the basis of modern Santa Claus. But modern view of Santa Claus was set by Coca-Cola Company only in 1930 for its Christmas advertising.

Christmas is approaching. We have prepared something very special for all book lovers. Stay tuned! 

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