5 Christmas Facts that you may not know (cover)

Christmas is one of the most famous world Holidays. We celebrate it every year and it seems that we know everything about it. But there are some cool facts that you probably missed. Here they are!

Digital books that can be read, listened to, and even watched make a market debut (cover)

The next generation publishing and book-filming startup CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd. has introduced a brand new digital entertainment format — digital books that can be read, listened to, and even watched.

Nov 04, 2019

A Web of Horrors

A Web of Horrors (cover)

Penning a story under the horror genre in Literature is a tightrope walk. While most authors flounder and fall while walking it, some-like Hanns Heinz Ewers-manage to perform an entire ballet on it. Indeed, registering fear with every turn of the page at a time when cheap jump scares and tacky makeup substitute for the same in today’s horror flicks is a prized skill.


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