Mar 07, 2019
The Production Team Who Could Work Miracles. The Shooting of “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”. (cov

Is it possible to create miracles? Even if it’s not, our production team had to prove that there is nothing impossible for an inspired group of people. Today we will treat you with some interesting facts about shooting “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”.

The main aim, as well as the difficulty, lied in reflecting miracles within static frames, so that everything would look impressive. One of the first miracles that Mr. Fotheringay created was a huge snail. Fortunately, the snail was posing like a professional model and after several shots we found the most suitable angle. Then, our designers made it look like a really huge snail and put it on the bed.

The scene of Mr. Fotheringay and Mr. Maydig’s conversation was the key point of the whole story, so it was important to display it from different angles and reveal the rising tension with the help of actors mise en scene. Every detail should correspond to the whole image.  

This scene was shot on a green screen. That was the most challenging part for the actors as they could not immerse into the atmosphere and had to work with a few pieces of prop. The actors had to ignore all the missing stuff on a set.

The modeling of the room was made by using 3D and drawing a detailed sketch, where all the pieces of furniture have their particular place. One of the most difficult things within the sketch was the fireplace that was represented by the spotlight while shooting. It helped the production team to point at the most illuminated zones.

A lot of miracles performed by Mr. Fotheringay took place in the priest’s room with the vase with violets, the golden fish, and even the dinner, which was a real prop.

As you already know, the acting staff did not consist only of people. While shooting the scene with the pigeon, about 9 understudies (pigeons) were waiting behind-the-scenes. The shooting of those frames was complicated as our actors had to remain motionless for quite a while with the certain expressions on their faces while the DOP will capture the moment with the bird.

The impressive scene of armageddon required thorough preparation. Fortunately, we are lucky of not seeing armageddon with our own eyes. So, we just can imagine and think about how it looks with everything crashed into pieces, hurricanes, and tsunamis at the same time. This scene was shot on a ruined industrial construction. With the help of our graphic designers, those shots now look terrifying and much like what people call apocalypse.

That’s it for this time! Hope you’ve enjoyed the backstage view and can’t wait to savor watching “The Man Who Could Work Miracles” in a Cine-Books format.

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