The Production Team Who Could Work Miracles. The Shooting of “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”. (cov

Is it possible to create miracles? Even if it’s not, our production team had to prove that there is nothing impossible for an inspired group of people. Today we will treat you with some interesting facts about shooting “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”.

The interview with Oleg Hodus (cover)
  • How did you decide to become a director? What did you start with?

In the childhood I together with my brother had a puppet theatre. There were a lot of characters and each of them had their own temper and behavioral psychology. Every day we made up new events, complicated storylines with conflicts (however, we did not know the meanings of these words then). Something like a soap opera.

When I grew up, I joined the theatre workshop. I used to be an actor, played in plays. Then I entered the university, the faculty of directing and kept on playing in plays.

Stay Home With Free Cine-Books (cover)

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly struck a lot of countries. Due to the high-speed spreading of the disease, people have to stay home and follow all the quarantine restrictions. Cine-Books understands that self-isolation for a long time might be bothersome—which is why we decided to give our users an opportunity to enjoy our best cine-books for FREE! 


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