Nov 29, 2017
The crowdfunding platform for book-filming of the contemporary novels is now available for writers (

November, 29, 2017

The crowdfunding platform for book-filming of the contemporary novels is now available for writers 

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment, Ltd., a developer of a unique format of digital books that can be read, listened to, and watched, opens preliminary registration for contemporary writers on its new distribution platform with crowdfunding possibilities.

The admission is available for contemporary fiction authors from November 29st to December 31st.

CINE-BOOKS claims that the undertaking is implemented as part of the company’s mission of expanding the auditory  of readers in the whole world by engaging visually-perceiving people.

An author who publishes his or her title in a cine-book format gains numerous advantages, such as expanding their audience, increasing overall profit from the existing rights list by re-publishing the best titles and many more.

It is advised that an author should have a large fan base. It will be easier for him or her to collect the necessary funds for the cine-book and as a next step for the movie adaptation. The platform implies the functionality of the crowdfunding element. That’s why the entries for bestselling books or unpublished titles that are the part of successful series are highly encouraged. 


"Publishing a contemporary fiction title in a cine-book format is considered as the first step to adapting his or her book to the big screen. Furthermore, the price of creating a title in a new format is significantly lower than, for example, filming an episode of a TV series. If shooting an episode costs 4-6 million dollars, the price of a cine-book (approximately 70 pages in the watch mode) will begin at $50K (money gathered by means of crowdfunding)."

Nataliya Vynograska,
CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director.

Pre-registration on the platform is allowed for adult fiction titles of any genre. The author must have at least one book published in a digital format in English language. Entrants must be at least 18 years. Registration is held worldwide.

The cine-books are manufactured by CINE-BOOKS Production Studio. In the future, a partnership with worldwide production studios is planned. The company has already produced 12 cine-books based on the world’s classical bestselling authors. Four titles have been released, and eight of them are in the final stage of post-production. The company gives every registred author free access to 1,000 cine-books that are already published in order to introduce the new format to their readers.

Here's the link for the authors’ registration.

About the CINE-BOOKS Platform

The CINE-BOOKS PLATFORM unites publishers, authors, production studios, and investors and helps them to acquire additional revenue by converting titles into cine-books as well as distribute them to new audiences and reach new consumer markets. The official launching of the platform will happen in the 1st quarter of 2018. Learn more

About the company and the cine-book format

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment, Ltd.  is a next-generation digital publishing & book-filming company that created a unique proprietary cine-book format. It combines the advantages of books, audio, and cinematic illustrations and thus, changes the way readers interact with books.

Cine-books are fully illustrated e-books with plenty of cinematic high quality illustrations. They can be listened to as audiobooks with professional voice-acting and soundtracks, and watched with animations and special effects in high resolution, including Ultra HD 4K. The read, listen, and watch modes are switched between synchronously. Thus, users who stopped reading a particular paragraph can easily resume experiencing it in the audio or viewing mode.

Learn more

Bookseller about CINE-BOOKS 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors about the cine-book format:

“I like the concept of this, and short of selling your movie rights, this would be a great alternative. (By the way, your movie rights will not be affected, should you produce enhanced e-books.) I’ll be watching this company closely.”

Tina Folsom

“I think it's absolutely amazing. I would love to be considered for the Contemporary Collection. Readers are going to go crazy for this!”

Leslie Dover

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