Meet the winners of the first Photo Stories Contest 2019! (cover)

Meet the winners of the first Photo Stories Contest 2019!

We are grateful to all the participants for joining our contest and producing a great variety of outstanding Photo Stories. Thank you to all the viewers who were voting and supporting the competitors throughout the contest. 

The second quarter of the Photo Stories Contest has started! (cover)

The second quarter of our Photo Stories Contest has already started!

Turn on your imagination, take a camera, and create your Photo Story!

Interview with Mahdi Amiri (cover)

An Iranian photographer, the winner of the Grand Prize Seyed Mahdi amiri shared the most interesting facts about his career and the shooting of his outstanding creation “Breaking News”.

Interview with Lisa Lyashenko (cover)

Lisa Lyashenko shared her most intimate facts of creating “With Love August”. Find out what was the reason for creating such a touching story.

Interview with NYFA alum Ivonne Garcia (cover)

NYFA alum Ivonne Garcia - the winner in the nomination "Best Photo Story With Text" shared all the most interesting facts about her creative way and the process of creating her story "Luna, you want to be mother". 

Interview with Andrey Shurpin and Valerie Sagura (cover)
Interview with the winners in the nomination “Best Photo Story Without Text” 2018 Andrey Shurpin and Valerie Sagura.
The Production Team Who Could Work Miracles. The Shooting of “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”. (cov

Is it possible to create miracles? Even if it’s not, our production team had to prove that there is nothing impossible for an inspired group of people. Today we will treat you with some interesting facts about shooting “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”.

From a roman-photo to a Photo Story – the history of a genre (cover)

Photo Story, fotonovela, fotoromanzo, roman-photo – the idea of telling stories through photos occurred to many photographers from different countries, from different time frames and they were using different terms for it... 

How to make a storyboard (cover)

If you want to prepare for the shooting of a Photo Story, the best thing is to make a storyboard. A storyboard is something which will help all the members of the crew get ready for the shooting and spend time in the most efficient way!

Jan 29, 2019

New Nominations

New Nominations (cover)

Great news!

The Photo Stories Contest is ready to greet new participants! We’ve got something interesting for you - new nominations! Ready to try your hand at producing a fascinating story? Here we go!


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