Nov 04, 2019
A Web of Horrors (cover)

Penning a story under the horror genre in Literature is a tightrope walk. While most authors flounder and fall while walking it, some-like Hanns Heinz Ewers-manage to perform an entire ballet on it. Indeed, registering fear with every turn of the page at a time when cheap jump scares and tacky makeup substitute for the same in today’s horror flicks is a prized skill.

The fact that after all these years, Ewers still manages to captivate his readers with spine chilling terror is a hallmark of his literary ingenuity. However, the purpose of this article is to help you savor the enhanced charm of one of Ewer’s typical works. How exactly? Continue reading to find out.

About The Maverick

Hanns Heinz Ewers was a German novelist/writer who had donned many hats throughout his career with equitable ease- including that of a philosopher, poet and actor aside from that of a writer. Apart from “The Spider” which will be talked about at length in this article, some of his other famous works include: “Alraune”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and “The Hearts of Kings” among others. The Spider is a heavily anthologized work by Ewers, a tale of black magic loosely based on “The Invisible Eye” by Erckmann Chatrian.

“The Spider”

A literary gem, this tale about a haunted dormitory room plagued with inexplicable, repetitive suicides by its tenants sucks you into its universe right from the get go. While the basic premise might seem hackneyed initially, the turn of events forbid you to let go of your attention and put the book away.

A Web of Horrors

A Web of Horrors

The confusion on the part of the investigators and law enforcers as all suicides get committed at exactly the same time in exactly the same manner in a particular Room 7, is eerie and mystical enough to begin with. It even bears resonance to vague news reports about similar incidents that we often happen to come across on our daily news consumption.

Eventually, before you realize, you are hooked so deep into the horror that you find yourself turning pages despite any conscious attempts to stop. Yes, let us warn you at the outset, The Spider is extremely riveting. Make sure you finish all your assignments in time before you sit down to read it.

A Web of Horrors

How CINE-BOOKS Ups The Ante

Reading this phenomenal work by Ewers is one thing, experiencing it through all your senses is quite another. It is like watching a movie, but only better. Imagine the rich color palette of an upscale cinematographic production, combined with the husky voice of the narrator enunciating in perfect detail the French interspersed with the story’s crisp English text.

Imagine savoring each frame of the story as it comes alive on your screen, the actors emoting in graphic detail the anguish of their minds, the background score rising and ebbing perfectly with the tone of the narrative-everything rhythmically moving to the beat of Ewers carefully constructed essence.

You, as an avid consumer of fine, luscious art, could not have asked for anything better. And yet, you need not imagine any of what you have just been told to imagine since Cinebooks offers it as a living visceral reality.

That’s absolutely right. If you become a paid member of CINE-BOOKS, you avail their fantastical storytelling experience combined with “The Spider’s” mystical charm.

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