Getting started guide

Dear authors & IP owners, welcome to CINE-BOOKS Getting Started Guide!

All the basic information to efficiently start and promote the cine-book project is carefully gathered in this section for you.

Explore the cine-book format, learn about the crowdfunding possibilities of our Distribution Platform and get necessary recommendations from our experienced marketing team.

Let’s bring your book alive together!


Part 1. The eyes have it! A great way for an indie author to expand their audience

The coast is not really clear for the publishing industry. E-book revenues are down yet again, according to the Association of American Publishers. From January to July of 2017, e-book revenues are down 5% over the same period in 2017. So the book-selling market definitely has the strong potential to grow. But what might be a way for this to happen?


Part 2. “Readers are going to go crazy for this!” What’s a cine-book?

Featured by the Bookseller, the UK’s longest-standing magazine, praised by the New York Times and USA Today’s bestselling authors, the cine-book format is gaining popularity among contemporary fiction authors around the world. For those who haven’t heard much about it yet, we made a short, descriptive guide to our brand-new creation. What might your reader expect from a cine-book? Read on!


Part 3. Who can submit a cine-book project? The criteria to meet when registering on the platform

The CINE-BOOKS publishing team eagerly embraces the diversity of styles and genres in which contemporary authors write. However, we would like to introduce some guidelines for prospective applicants. Which titles are most likely to get published in a cine-book format? What criteria should an author meet?


Part 4. Benefits and perks of publishing in the cine-book format

Money, popularity, and bright perspectives. These are the main benefits you might surely get when publishing your cine-book. Since it’s a cutting-edge format, which has just hit the market, the authors who visualize their stories first, get unquestionable preferences. We’ll introduce you to some of them.


Part 5. Why crowdfunding? Get a head start on your cine-book project

Heads up! It’s a crowdfunding boom on the web. $100,000 or even more can be gathered for a publishing project within just one day. An example would be the impetuous funding of Eric Ries’ book “The Leader’s Guide” in 2015, while more than $800,000 could be pledged in the longer term. The crowdfunding element appears in so many success stories. The next one might easily be yours!


Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

So, you are an author and would like to be published in a cine-books format? Do you wonder what will happen after you hit the “REGISTER NOW” button? What information will be required? Let us provide you with some details…