Dec 26, 2017
Why crowdfunding? Get a head start on your cine-book project.  (cover)

Heads up! It’s a crowdfunding boom on the web. $100,000 or even more can be gathered for a publishing project within just one day. An example would be the impetuous funding of Eric Ries’ book “The Leader’s Guide” in 2015, while more than $800,000 could be pledged in the longer term. The crowdfunding element appears in so many success stories. The next one might easily be yours!

When applying for a cine-book project, basically, you have three options: to become an investor yourself, to find a person (or a group of people) who will donate money for your project, or to crowdfund for your idea. This article is for those choosing the third option.

How does it work?

Crowdfunding is a comparatively new way of social financing. In essence, you raise money by asking people to contribute funds, often in small amounts, to a specific venture. The most wonderful thing is that crowdfunding is a total win-win initiative. You’ve got your dream fulfilled, maybe even without spending a dime, while your fans enjoy the fruit of your creative endeavor!

As applied to CINE-BOOKS, you’ll get your story visualized, so it could be read, listened to, and even watched. In the meantime, readers enjoy your book in a cutting-edge format - with high-quality images, animations, special effects, voice-over, audio tracks, and many more features!  

There are many perks of crowdfunding with CINE-BOOKS. The company gives every registered author free access to one of the cine-books that are already published. Thus, an author is able to introduce the brand-new cine-book format to their readers. Your backers will see for themselves how great the cine-book format is, so will pledge money to you more readily!

However, crowdfunding implies that you contribute to the fundraising process. In a word, you cannot crowdfund without a crowd. What size is your social network? Do you need to grow it? If so, how fast and by what means it can be done? At the same time, the CINE-BOOKS team will surely facilitate your campaign: we’ll provide you with messages for social media, materials for newsletters, various tips and tricks for your crowdfunding campaign.

What does it look like?

When your application is accepted, we put in the info about your project with a description on the platform. Your fans can pledge any amount of money they like.  

Here’s what your page will look like:

Why crowdfunding? Get a head start on your cine-book project

On the left, your readers will see the cover of your book. There’s also a title, author, genre, and short description. The tab on the right will show how much money is to be gathered. The “back this project” button leads to the donation process.

The crowdfunding project a long-term endeavor that is about honesty and dialogue with readers; it’s totally worth doing! We’ll leave you with some more successful tips for implementing literary projects through crowdfunding:

  • Children's book that reinvent fairy-tales “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” (part 1 and 2) gathered almost $1.5 mln. due to backers in 2016-17.
  • “Augie and the Green Knight” - an adventure story created by Zachary Weiner - pledged more over $384.4, which successfully brought this project to life.
  • the Christy Award-winning Wingfeather Saga “The Warden and the Wolf King,” created by Andrew Peterson, found its way due to $118,188 support of his backers.

Crowdfunding is a powerful means in publishing. Give it a go!

The preliminary registration for contemporary writers on our new distribution platform is opened. 

Here’s the link.

Any questions? 

Contact — Nataliya Vynogradska, CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director.

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