Dec 15, 2017
Who can submit a cine-book project?  The criteria to meet when registering on the platform (cover)

The CINE-BOOKS publishing team eagerly embraces the diversity of styles and genres in which contemporary authors write.

However, we would like to introduce some guidelines for prospective applicants. Which titles are most likely to get published in a cine-book format? What criteria should an author meet?

The criteria are the following:

  • The author must have at least 1 book published in a digital format.

  • All adult fiction titles are considered. The variety of genres might work, such as romantic (including historical), fantasy, sci-fi novels, horror, or thrillers. Setting and epoch don’t matter much, as the cine-book format implies that technologies are being used in producing book content.

  • In general, short stories are preferred among other narratives of book-length regarding the features of the production process. The recommended volume is 25K-100K words. However, longer/shorter narratives are also considered, as well as the scripts of plays, films, etc. The decision depends on the plot and whether it has the story outline that really catches the reader’s attention.

  • CINE-BOOKS might work well for authors who write series of novels, i.e. a number of narratives dealing with the same subject or stories about the same characters. However, writing a series is not a mandatory requirement for an author.

  • For a title to be presented on the CINE-BOOKS platform, it must be proofread. Please bear in mind the segment of a novel an author applies with will have open access on the Internet for those who vote and support the project.

  • The CINE-BOOKS platform is best suited for authors who keep pace with time, communicates with his/her audience, and is ready to be engaged in our cutting-edge book-to-film project. He also must have a significant number of book fans who could be engaged in users' voting and promotion.  

  • Entrants must be at least 18 years. Registration is held worldwide. Only English language titles are considered.

Preliminary registration for contemporary writers on the new distribution platform with unique publishing possibilities is ongoing. 

Learn who visual-perceiving people are, why they matter for indie authors, how to attract them, and expand the audience of readers. 

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