How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS? (cover)

So, you are an author and would like to be published in a cine-books format? Do you wonder what will happen after you hit the “REGISTER NOW” button? What information will be required? Let us provide you with some details… 

The process of registration is rather simple, and you’ll get through it without any fuss. Start via this link and scrolling down to the “REGISTER NOW” button. Just give it a go!

How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

First of all, we’ll ask you to provide the basic info: your first name, last name, email, and a password. Please also specify your status - whether you are an author, a literary agent, a publisher, or have some other role in the industry. If you want to message the CINE-BOOKS team at this stage, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

As you click “SUBMIT,” you’ll be asked to confirm your email. Then you click on “CREATE NEW PROJECT,” so you can get on “PROJECT DESCRIPTION” page. This is where the fun part begins! Tell people everything they need to know about your piece of work. Fill in the info about the story you would like to convert into the cinebook format - the author’s name and the book’s title. Provide a link to the author’s bibliography, website, author’s social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Goodreads, Amazon). 

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Please specify the title for cine-book production. Tell us whether it was already published in a digital format, its genre, and the number of pages. If you are not the rights holder, please specify the rights holder's name. Also, enter the rights holder’s email and give a brief description of the book’s plot.

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Please provide the book’s plot details that could be necessary for the production budget estimate. 

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Don’t forget to provide your contact information.   

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Finally, please upload an extract from your book that is no less than 10,000 words.

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Then, you’ll be able to preview your project description. If everything seems correct, send it to us. Once the CINE-BOOKS team reviews it, it will appear in the "APPROVED" section. You will have to click on "CREATE PROJECT PAGE". Please, fill out the form with the information that will be presented to your backers. The basic info (title, author, genre, and description) will appear on the left; the donation progress bar - on the right. Eventually, you will be able to see how much money is raised, how many backers donated money for your project, and more details.  

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Below, you can choose and create your rewards. Also, please provide the description for your backers. Add a video file promoting your project and an appeal to vote for it. 

Part 6. How do I start my project on CINE-BOOKS?

Rewards are something your backers receive for donating to your project. You may promise a copy of your cine-book, a bundle, or any other thing to treat a backer.   

Congrats! Your project is created! 

Please be aware that the crowdfunding process is a joint work of the platform and the author, resulting in a visualization of the book. It is expected that you are socially active. Crowdfunding may engage millions of people, but the backing always begins with people you know - friends and communities who can surely help you to spread word about your project. 

Good luck!

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