Dec 19, 2017
Benefits and perks of publishing in the cine-book format. (cover)

Money, popularity, and bright perspectives. These are the main benefits you might surely get when publishing your cine-book. Since it’s a cutting-edge format, which has just hit the market, the authors who visualize their stories first, get unquestionable preferences. We’ll introduce you to some of them.

Money is of the essence.

Rarely do we, authors, consider money as our main goal. We may strive for artistic expression, appreciation, or have some other aspirations. However, finances are the lifeblood for us being able to create, and CINE-BOOKS might help you to increase your revenue. Here’s how:

  • First, you can sell your books in the cine-book format with a higher price than a regular e-book. This is due to the rich content of the products. Since it’s not a plain text, naturally, it’ll cost more (though not too much). The key thing is that your book title becomes more worthy!

  • Second, you can re-publish your best titles from the existing rights list in the cine-book format. This means another distribution channel for you as an author, apart from the usual channels for selling e-books, printable and audio editions.  

  • Third, having published a cine-book, you get the unique selling points to launch an effective B2C marketing for your book’s products and cross-promotion – all these is to prompt the increase of sales.

Get more readers!  

We also argue that publishing in the cine-book format will lead to increasing your visibility and awareness among readers all over the world.  

  • To start with, you’ll expand your book audience by engaging modern, visually-perceptive people. As known, most of us absorb visual information more voluntarily than any other kind of data. Thus, having visualized your stories, the readers who are not into reading plain texts might very eagerly to enjoy your book in our cutting-edge format with images, animation, special effects, and many other features.

  • With cine-books, you have the opportunity to stand out among a lot of other publishers by bringing book lovers an entirely new reading experience.

  • Acquire a lot of valuable PR-opportunities (from starting the filming campaign in a unique format to voting on the starring actors). All these will lead to spreading the word about your books. 

Embrace your bright perspectives.

  • CINE-BOOKS may be considered as one of the means to shorten your way to cinematographic adaptation. Movie producers might turn their attention to you more easily, as they see how great your book looks in a visual format.

We believe CINE-BOOKS will bring many opportunities to you as an author, as well as joy and excitement to your readers.

Explore CINE-BOOKS and its great possibilities!

If there are any questions, contact CINE-BOOKS Publishing Rights Manager:

Daniel Lobazov

> E-mail:

> Skype: daniel.lobazov


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