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Available languages: English
Publisher: CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.

Into the Mirror

Grand Prize
Writers: Alexand Suhoveev
Genre: Christmas Story, Drama, Fairy Tale, Love Story
Type: Cinematic Story
Frames: 89
Length: 4 min
Alice even hasn’t been thinking that this Christmas Eve will turn her world upside down.

He was in a hurry for this date, as for the last train which will take him away into the fairy tale. But why didn’t he leave earlier!?

It seemed to Alice that she was waiting endlessly. Minutes were calculated in quarters, quarters in halfs…

When a cube rolled over the floor and sparkled with the Christmas magic, Alice thought he wasn’t late, he is just playing with her.

She failed to resist and took the unusual gift. Something sparkled: it was a flare from a big mirror. There was someone else standing with her in the reflection. The stranger turned and walk away…
But there wasn’t anyone around.
“Double or nothing”, - Alice made a decision and took a step.

In that very moment the infinity of waiting has been replaced with the infinity of feelings.

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