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Available languages: English
Publisher: CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.


Writers: Alexandra Balda
Genre: Horror
Type: Film
Length: 13 min
When Hanna, a young college student, visits the oldest historic bed and breakfast in the state, she encounters more than she hoped for. While Hanna’s original intentions were to finish her school research, she finds herself in the midst of inexplicable paranormal forces that she is unable to deal with. Hanna is submerged into an unknown world that leads her into peril. How far will Hanna go before losing her soul?
Some doors are not meant to be opened.Once the purgatory door opens, it can't be closed.

Written and directed by Alexandra Balda
Director of Photography: Gabriel Tyner. Editor: Paul Usungu
Starring: Megan Raitano, Don Larson, Paula Cohn, Alexandra Balda
Music by Lino Bellini

*Canada Shorts - Canadian & International Short Film Fest: Award of Excellence (2018)
*Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival IV: WOMAN OF HORROR (2018)
*PREMIOS LATINO: Best Horror Short (2018)
*Orlando Independent Filmmakers: Best Director, Best MUA, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music, Best Picture, Best Lead Actor (2017)

*Southeast Regional Film Festival (2019)
*Cosmic Film Festival: Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress (2018)

*International Women's Film Festival (2018)
*The Optical Theatre Horror Film Festival (2018)

*Hollywood Florida Film Festival (2019)
*Inshort Film Festival (2018)
*Bloodstained Indie Film Festival (2018)
*Diabolical Horror Film Festival (2018)
*Spooky Empire's International Horror Film Festival (2018)
*The Halloween Horror Picture Show (2018)
*The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (2018)
*End of Days Film Festival (2018)
*OutlantaCon Short Film Festival (2018)
*Saints and Sinners Film Festival (2018)
*Film & Her: A Female Filmmaker Showcase (2018)
*Miami Independent Film Festival (2018)
*Film Slam 2018
*San Mauro Film Festival 2018

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I'm a writer, director, filmmaker and unstoppable storyteller. When I’m not reading, researching or restless, I’m making movies. Most of my main projects are mostly visuals. Film is a brilliant combination of written word, music, sound and pictures, so I’m always looking at ways I can tell a story visually, rather than relying on dialogue to explain things.


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    Jul 23, 2019
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    Interview with Alexandra Balda (cover)

    Exclusive interview with a director Alexandra Balda about her multi-award winner short films "DOOR TO PURGATORY" and...

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