The Great Gatsby Sample
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Available languages: English
Publisher: CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.

The Great Gatsby

Writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Classic, Drama, Historical fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance
Type: Photo-illustrated Book
Production studio: CINE-BOOKS Production
Frames: 273
Length: 298 min
Discover a fresh way to enjoy F. Scott Fitzgerald's evergreen classic, "The Great Gatsby," with CINE-BOOKS' edition.

Cine-book format brings together text, audio, and visual elements in a unique blend. Now, you can exclusively enjoy books in three synchronized modes — read (eBook), listen (audioBook), or watch (cinematic mode).

This version comes alive with more than 250 cinematic photo illustrations, carefully designed to reflect every sentiment, every character, and every dramatic moment of the timeless novel. This visual immersion doesn't just enhance your reading - it transports you right into the heart of the story, sparking your imagination in a whole new way.

CINE-BOOKS format combines the full original text, illustrations, and an accompanying audiobook with music – along with a passive mode that lets you enjoy the book like a movie. However, unlike traditional film adaptations, you will not miss a single word of the author's original text.

Discover the unique advantages of the immersive CINE-BOOK format and get a new reading experience. Wait no longer - immerse yourself in the world of CINE-BOOKS today!

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Illustrated Audiobooks – world’s first audiobooks with illustrations. Here you'll find the best stories that you can Listen to, as well as Read fully-illustrated in their full original text. Try this unique combination of ebook and illustrated audiobook with text and audio fully synchronized. Read it like an ordinary ebook with illustrations enhanced by a read-aloud option. Or listen to it as an ordinary audiobook but with illustrations shown at the precise moment they're relevant.


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