Subtitles for each cine-book! Printed words are now available in the “watch” mode. (cover)

We recently received a letter from a thoughtful mother.

Having a teenage daughter with special needs, she wondered if our books had subtitles: “Can she read the words while a book reads them to her?” she asked us.

Our response is YES!

We are happy to announce that all the cine-books now come with subtitles!

We’ve continued to receive requests about making this feature available. Not only have parents and caretakers asked us about that, but also non-English language speakers:

“One wish I had was to be able to read the words along with the narration…”


“...it might be useful to have subtitles added to the movie in order to help the understanding...?”


Being a people-oriented company, we are glad to meet the expectations of our readers!

Switch on the subtitles while enjoying your cine-book in the “watch” mode. Be sure you don’t miss any of the text!

By the way, don’t forget we are continuing our open-beta testing. You can explore our cine-books for free. We request a short bit of feedback from you afterward.

Follow this link on your tablet.

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