Take a first step in the film adaptation of your book - receive 1,000 giveaways in this unique forma

Would you like to get published in a unique format?  

How about earning more for your books?

Why not surprise your readers and treat them with an amazing visual experience?

CINE-BOOKS makes it all possible!

We are opening the preliminary registration for contemporary writers on our new distribution platform with crowdfunding possibilities. An applicant receives an opportunity to publish their work in the unique digital format that allows reading, listening, or even watching their story.

The company gives every registred author free access to 1,000 cine-books that are already published in order to introduce the new format to their readers.

Pre-registration for the platform is implemented as part of CINE-BOOKS’ mission of promoting reading worldwide, specifically by engaging visually-perceiving people.

Pre-registration on the platform is allowed for adult fiction titles of any genre. The author must have at least one book published in digital format in the English language. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. This registration is held worldwide.

It is advised that an author should have a large fan base. It will be easier for him or her to collect the necessary funds for the cine-book and as a next step for movie adaptation. That’s why entries for bestselling books or unpublished titles that are the part of a successful series are highly encouraged.  

Entry is now available for contemporary fiction authors from November 29st to December 31st.

Don’t hesitate. Get registered now! Here’s a link 

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