Oct 02, 2017
New cine-books to come out soon (cover)

Hi, dear bookworms.

Curious about what CINE-BOOKS has to offer?

We are going to issue a couple of thrilling new titles this year!  

The first one is Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” a touching and sorrowful short tale, taking place in the vast wintry landscape of the North. Another one is Hanns Heinz Ewers’ Spider,” a psychological horror about a man getting into fatal web of nods, gestures and actions.  

We are doing our best for you to enjoy these stories. You can pre-order them here 

We also have some famous titles in vault. Our team is currently working on two well-known short stories written by Twain. Also, we are currently preparing another work of horror by Jakobs and a fantasy comic story by H. G. Wells. Moreover, an absurdist fiction novel by Kafka is on its way. Finally, CINE-BOOKS ventured to adapt a drama by Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English language.

Stay tuned to plunge into the immersive cine-book experience, enjoying the best works of classic world literature!

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