“This app has the potential to become a gem.” Cine-books get exciting feedback. (cover)

Our unique book-reading format is highly praised by readers, editors, authors, and bloggers from all over the world. Here are some of them:

"Cine-books are “a magnificent initiative” and “the result of an out-of-the-box idea of merging books with movies… Whether you’re a reading addict or looking for a driving force to develop your reading habit, this is your legit opportunity.”

Techwibe, Australia

“This book reading 3.0 experience is awesome. Very good job, I'm really appreciating this Hypnos cinematic tale. This is very useful to me in order to improve my English with the help of speech and images…. I'm now interested to the Jack London novel.”

Gianluca Cencio, Italy

“this app has a potential to become a gem”

Eva Mashtaler, Great Britain

“The artwork was fabulous!!”

Brandy Yacca, Editor at Stitched Smile Publications, California, USA

“Though there is no perfect solution to draw away children from video games, cine-books could be a good alternative and a first step towards a love of reading.”

Alla Rogozianska, child psychologist, Ukraine.

We’ve also received remarks on how to make our cine-books even better! For that, we are especially thankful!

If you haven’t explored our cine-book format yet, here’s a great opportunity...

You can get some of our cine-books for free, enjoy them and give us a short bit of feedback. Just follow this link on your tablet, then follow the instructions. 

Enjoy the great stories!

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