Dec 29, 2017
Happy New Year!  (cover)

Happy holidays from CINE-BOOKS! ★ 

2017 has been challenging and wonderful at the same time.  

  • We opened preliminary registration for contemporary writers on our new distribution platform. From now on, any fiction author can publish his or her title in the cutting-edge cine-book format! Approximately a dozen of the first applications are currently being considered.
  • We’ve been praised by many prominent news outlets and authors, such as the New York Times and USA Today bestselling-author L.P. Dover.
  • We released 3 new cine-books from our Classics Collection. 
  • We received our first media coverage, which includes the article in "The Bookseller," one of the UK’s longest-standing magazines.
  • Our team — the marketing, development, and production departments — has been growing rapidly to be of use to you.

2018 will be even greater. 

  • We’ll launch the platform for contemporary authors that will boost the process of converting a fiction title into a cine-book. 
  • We’ll release the mobile and web versions of our CINE-BOOK app. This means you’ll be able to watch cine-books in the web browser and on mobile devices in addition to tablets. 
  • We’ll release some new fantastic titles from our Classic Collection and will start publishing titles for the Contemporary Collection.
  • We are looking forward to next year as it’ll be exciting.

Join us! 

Sincerely, the CINE-BOOKS team. 

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