Cine-books are praised by a New York Times Bestselling author (cover)

We are proud to share with you that the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover gave very positive feedback about our cinebooks! Here’s what she said…

“I think it's absolutely amazing. I would love to be considered for the Contemporary Collection. Readers are going to go crazy for this!”

We hope that the works of Leslie and other bestselling authors will appear in cine-book format soon since we’re now creating our first Contemporary Collection.

L. P. Dover is a prominent and prolific American author who has written countless novels. Among them are series such as Forever The Fae, the Second Chances, the Gloves Off series, etc. Her favorite genre is romantic suspense. This New York Times and USA Today bestselling author is a Southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

If you consider your book to be published in the cine-book format, please, feel free to apply following this link

Or contact our CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director:

Natalia Vynogradska
Explore CINE-BOOKS and its great possibilities!

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