How do you get these cine-books? Follow this link on your tablet, then follow the instructions. We only request a short bit of feedback from you afterwards.

Why are we offering 3 of our cine-books for free? 

As you might know, our noble goal is making book-reading more popular - that’s why we created the cine-book format in the first place.

Now, we’re open beta-testing our format to make it even greater! So, your opinion is crucial for us! We are hoping that after watching our cine-books, you will share your impression of it with us. Currently, you can experience cine-books on your tablet, but the mobile and web versions are on their way soon.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, a cine-book is a digital book that includes 3 modes:

  • a highly illustrated e-book with cinematic illustrations;

  • an audio (theatre) book with professional voice-acting and soundtracks;

  • a motion (slide) book with animations andspecial effects in high resolution, including Ultra HD 4K, so you can watch it on a big screen via Air Play or Chromecast.

    This combination creates a completely new kind of storytelling entertainment!

We really want you to try it! Follow the link above, enjoy our cine-books, and share your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

The offer is valid till 15 October. 



P.S. CINE-BOOKS app will work on a tablet that meets the following operating system requirements:

Amazon - 4.4 or newer 
Android - 4.4 or newer 
iOS - 8.1 or newer

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