Apr 05, 2019
Interview with Mahdi Amiri (cover)
  • How did you decide to become a photographer? What did you start with? What are you doing right now?
I love photography, I have been engaged in a field of professional photography for about 19 years. I started my activity with photojournalism and now I am working with fashion photography and filmmaking.
  • How did it come up to your mind to make a project in a format of a photo story - photo comics with a plot? What new experience did you get? Why is this format interesting for you?
I've been busy in photography and making movies for years. It's easy to understand this style. The story is important and everything is set up while making it. My new experience was that the creation of a comic story did not have the limitations of the movie, and it is interesting to me that the world of play is in the forefront.
  • “Breaking News” - tell us, how did the idea for this story appear? As an author who do you think is the main hero - a girl Sara, who is fighting for her independence or Sam who is devotedly into his investigation?
My story came out of inspiration by the story of Robin Hood, but within today's society where not everything depends on money. Sara had a pain and Sam is seeking a revenge thinking like a Robin Hood.
  • How were the images of the main characters created and how was the casting held?
Characters were not created separately but they all were connected together.
  • Tell us, how did you prepare for the shooting - what did you start with and what was considered at the last very moment? Did you follow the storyboard or were there improvisation moments? What was the most difficult about the preparation?
Everything was planned, there was a storyboard. All of the crew members were interested in creating a story. It was contributing to our professional approach and helped us in creating beautiful shots in every scene.
  • The shooting of “Breaking News” took place in different locations, also in public places. How did you choose the locations and how did the working staff of those public places react that such spectacular scenes will be shooted there? How did you prepare locations for shooting? Were there “surprises” on locations?
This was exactly my new experience,my team was professional and familiar with the location. As the equipment was simpler, it attracted less attention.
  • Tell us about the crew - who were working on this project and how were the tasks spread among the working staff? What was your shooting day like? What scene was the most difficult?
Apart from the actors, I had four hands-on specialists for makeup , lighting, stage design and photo editing. The pool location was difficult for me because the equipment was sensitive to water and I had to take some professional photographs using the cell-phone.
  • The photo story “Breaking News” looks very cinematographic. Tell us, what equipment did you use? Did you set up the lightning? According to the prepared schemes or just while setting everything on locations?
Everything was planned for "Breaking News" like for a movie - Screenwriting, storyboard, decoupage, scheduling for shooting, location, lighting and ...., professional work is not a place for improvisation and everything must be calculated.
  • What did you like the most about the shooting?
I would love to convey the message with the help of my art, create something that is pleasant and understandable all over the world.
  • What will you suggest photographers who would like to try shooting a photo story?
First create a story, seek help from a writer if you can not create it yourself. The story will be your work from the beginning to the end.

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