“To Build a Fire” is released in a cine-book format: it is so realistic you can feel 75 degrees belo

CINE-BOOKS has released a new famous title - the heartbreaking story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. This brand new type of digital book edition not only can be read, but also listened to and watched, as implied by the book-filming format. 

You can literally feel the harsh breath of the Yukon, hear the frightening silence of the winter, and admire the beautiful snow-capped mountain landscapes. While the original text of “To Build a Fire” is fully preserved, the compelling audio and visual sides are added: soundtracks, voiceover, as well as the high-quality illustrations, animation, and special effects. This all makes the reader wrap up deep in the narration. 

This cine-book, unlike previously published titles, was shot at a single location, in nature, i.e. in a beautiful European mountain range. The pristine nature highlights the dramatic story line, making the narration acute and thrilling.

Suzanna Fonarova, Product Marketing Manager of CINE-BOOKS Entertainment, Ltd.

"Jack London’s prose is incredibly realistic. That’s why CINE-BOOKS paid extremely close attention to its details and cherished the main message of the tale, which is the futility of human efforts to conquer nature. By using the unique visual and audio features of our format, we created a brand-new reader’s experience."

The synopsis goes as follows. The merciless cold (seventy-five below zero). No sun in the sky. An impudent man sets off on a journey across the vast expanse of the Yukon with only a dog as a companion. A great distance is ahead to cover. But is he actually able to make it? On getting his feet wet, he tries to build a crucial fire, which is his last straw to survive...   

“To Build a Fire” has been visualized before. There is a cinematic adaptation of the novel that is considered a classic the 1969 version “To Build a Fire”, narrated by Orson Welles, starring Ian Hogg.

The CINE-BOOKS’ adaptation will catch the fancy of everyone who enjoys thrills and the beauty of untouched nature, yet understands and empathizes with the helplessness of a man in the face of nature.

About the company and the cine-book format

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment, Ltd. is a next-generation digital publishing & book-filming company that created a unique proprietary cine-book format. It combines the advantages of books, audio, and cinematic illustrations and thus, changes the way readers interact with books.

12 cine-books based on the world’s classical bestselling authors have been produced by the company. Five of them are currently in soft-launch in the AppStore, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

Currently, CINE-BOOKS is launching the crowdfunding platform for book-filming of contemporary novels. The preliminary registration for fiction writers is now open. An author who publishes his or her title in a cine-book format gains numerous advantages, such as expanding their audience, increasing the overall profit from the existing rights list by re-publishing the best titles and many more.

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