The Chimerical Museum Of Shifting Shapes
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Available languages: English
Publisher: CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.

The Chimerical Museum Of Shifting Shapes

Writers: Damián Alquichire
Genre: Magical realism, Post Apocalyptic, Short story
Type: Film
Length: 4 min
A tour of the place will prove that sometimes one painting is not enough. Aditional information: The starting point is experimentation. For this film Damián Alquichire created around 3000 paintings and 1500 drawings. There are a lot of techniques used: oils, vinyls, charcoal and pencils in different surfaces, from little papers (25x35cms) to big canvases (150x120cms). The film also had the honour of having original music composed by the most prolific colombian academic composer of all times: Blas Atehortúa.

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