Humanity Free
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Available languages: English
Publisher: CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.


Writers: Kolli Imed Eddine
Genre: Documentary
Type: Cinematic Story
Frames: 6
Length: 2 min
Watching life, interacting with moments, shooting randomly the instantaneous gestures of people, shooting the chaos made me build a connection with people that Im photographing.
I felt like I know them through their spontaneity that clarified their state of mind
My inspiration came from the people who have experienced the bitterness and roughness of this world.
Injured people, homeless people, beggars and poor underprivileged people that I met coincidently during my journeys around the country are the models in my photography which portrays my compassion and empathy to the world.

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My work is not intended as portraiture nor to pity people with miseries. It is a powerful spiritual iconography by which I intend to give them a glimmer of light in their eyes, to bring joy to their broken hearts, to give them hope, to honor them for surviving the cruel struggles they have been through, to make them believe that they matter, that they are a human being, and that they are not forgotten. I want to imbue them with the iconic soul of humanity, and all the photographs I take, I recite the end piece of a long emotional journey and it’s my way or the act of saying good-bye to the person I met.


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