A film, a book, or your own fantasy? A world that you can create on your own (cover)

Emotions are the most important and brightest thing in our lives. It is thanks to them we feel alive. And in order to feel their entire range, sometimes we need to be out of reality. Something more is needed - fantasy, fairy tale, horror, comedy. To listen, watch, read...

"The Tell-Tale Heart" becomes alive with the new digital format (cover)

The images of heroes are immediately born in our imagination as soon as we begin to read their descriptions, how they were created by the book gods - the authors.

Aging is our old age as we see it around us, or as it looks like to us. Flabbiness or lovely wrinkles. Senile madness - like the quirks of Salvador Dali, or as heavy manic depression.

A three-dimensional horror story, or how to see what you read? (cover)

Nothing evokes such strong emotion as horror stories. Books tell about them, TV channels show them; they are retold at night around the campfire. Awful, with notes of romance and a continuous storyline, horror stories attract the attention of thousands of fans around the world.

Clutch Your Heart For This Tell-Tale Heart (cover)

Our stories make us who we are. They exist to set the parameters of are alikeness or differences with respect to each other. We define ourselves through the stories we identify most with. A good story, on the other hand, transcends all parameters of identification and lodges itself in the collective human consciousness, regardless of the era it is perceived in. This is how classics are born. They appeal to all sensibilities across generations. One such classic is The Tell-Tale Heart written by Edgar Allan Poe.


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