Loud premiere! The gut-wrenching «To build a fire» by Jack London is released (cover)

A new great release from CINE-BOOKS!

One of the most beloved stories from Jack London’s legacy – “To Build a Fire” - is now available in our unique format!

“To Build a Fire” is a gut-wrenching novel about life and death, instincts, fate and holding on to dear life.

A man journeys through the harsh Canadian Yukon at seventy-five below zero with just one dog as a companion. Can a man really fight against nature?  

The dazing visionary from CINE-BOOKS and the captivating plot from one of the best American writers ever.

We release it on the occasion of Jack London’s 142nd birthday.  

Be the first to see our exclusive adaptation.

Watch the “To Build a Fire” trailer.

Buy it right now through the web with a discount, or get it through in-app purchase using our app in the App Store, Amazon, or Google Play and watch it on your tablet! 

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