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Mobile games, AR, and the VR experience based on books

Exciting technologies that open new business opportunities

The world of digital publishing is constantly evolving, and the industry is always looking for the next new development that will help grow the audience as well as their engagement and ultimately increase sales.
All new technologies start as a trend and end up becoming a part of our everyday life. Let modern technologies entertain your readers in a fun and immersive way!

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Limited is a part of the digital holding that includes IT product development companies. Program-Ace is an innovation-oriented software development and R&D company, boasting more than 25 years of success and growth in the IT sector that partners with businesses and enterprises globally to craft innovative solutions that help companies embrace digital transformation. Game-Ace Creative Studio is a game development division of Program-Ace, headquartered in Eastern Ukraine. It has a talented and creative team of designers, artists, producers, programmers, and managers who are focused on crafting addictive games that amaze and excite players and users.

Mobile Game

The global mobile games market revenue is expected to rise to more than 115 billion USD in 2018 compared to 108.9 billion USD in 2017. More than three-quarters of this will come from smartphone gaming.
Optimizing your content to fit any screen and creating products with gamification based on literary stories is a sure way to stay competitive and expand your readership.

AR/ MR Game

Keeping up with trends is a definite way for you to expand your readership

Augmented and Mixed Reality are not only exciting new technologies, but also a business opportunity with numerous applications. An AR app lets your readers visualize objects within your text in 3D graphics. It is perfect for boosting your sales and bringing your printed or eBook text to life. Augmented reality is opening up a world of new possibilities for both large and independent publishers to tell stories and engage new audiences.

The VR Experience

Virtual reality is a perfect fit for entertainment

Images, audio, and other multimedia have always been key in grabbing a reader’s attention—even keeping them reading! With a Virtual Reality app, readers will have the opportunity to truly “live” a story rather than just read about it. It is a unique visual method for the existing book adaptation. The storyline and the graphics will also benefit from the latest developments in VR technology.

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