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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great alternative way to fund a project. CINE-BOOKS is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that allows indie authors and literary rights holders to raise funds from the online community in exchange for giving their cine-books or/and other related gifts.

Successful fundraising via crowdfunding comes with a lot of effort and dedication, but if you put in the necessary work, you can realize fortunes that go far beyond just the raising of money.

Benefits of CINE-BOOKS Crowdfunding


It provides funding for costly visual product production.

Crowdfunding allows to gain market validation when the end-users are interested in visual products based on an author’s literary story. Consider a crowdfunding campaign as collecting pre-orders for your book in an entirely new digital format — a “cine-book” — and making the first step towards being noticed by future investors as a potential literary content provider for other visual product development (for example, a movie or a TV series, a video game, AR, VR, or mixed reality applications, etc.).


It prevents risk for both: the rights holder and the production studio

The cine-book production process is very similar to film and is rather expensive if compared with book publishing, but it is really inexpensive versus a movie or TV series production. Launching a crowdfunding campaign hedges these risks and serves as a valuable learning experience and an author’s brand promotion tool.


It serves as a marketing tool

An active crowdfunding campaign is a good way to introduce a new visual product to the market based on your literary work, as it is a free and easy way to reach numerous communication channels. The CINE-BOOKS platform provides social media mechanisms, making it painless to get referral traffic to your cine-book project page and your website. It allows to receive thousands of organic visits from unique users and potential backers. These users have the ability to share and spread the word to their community and purchase other types of author’s books.


It allows for brainstorming with the online audience

By having a crowdfunding campaign, an indie author or a rights holder has the ability to engage the crowd and receive comments, feedback, and ideas. This feedback is extremely valuable and could potentially inspire some other visual product ideas based on literary stories.


It guarantees cine-book production Higher royalty rate

If a rights holder runs a crowdfunding campaign for a cine-book project, we offer upto 55% of royalty rate that depend on the % of the budget goal reached in 90 days.

Run the crowdfunding campaign, visualize your story in the unique cine-book format, and reach thousands of visually-perceiving people!


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